My name is Jennifer Power. I am an undergraduate  student at Trent University majoring in English Literature, minoring in Cultural Studies and this is my blog for ENGL 3301-HA- American Literature.

So, about me. Well, what is it you need to know? Do you need to know what I look like? If so, here you go!


But I doubt it makes a difference. Or maybe you need to know that I’ve done blogs before. I won’t link to them, but I’ve created three previous blogs. One for Gender and Sexuality, one for Children’s Literature, and one for Critical Approaches to Literature- all dealing with the perceptions that society has of certain people and the expectations that we have of others. Feel free to look at my blogroll on the side if you need some assurance that I’ve created a blog before.

This about page leads directly to my topic for this blog. How do we legitimize ourselves? How do we market ourselves to appear a certain way to others? What is it about having a certain “product” connected with our names (I’m also including personality and character traits in here) that is so vital to the way we are viewed by others? We are constantly trying to “sell” ourselves as a specific person. The way we want to be seen. People may attempt to control that (the media for example) to generate a specific response. We spend our lives marketing ourselves and convincing others of who we are. Why is that?

That’s what I’ll be exploring. I’ll be using The Incidents of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, The Eulogy of King Phillip, The Captivity Narrative of Mary Rowlandson, and things from popular culture, politics, and the news to make my argument.

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